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Friday, September 22, 2017

How to launch a creative business

At the start of 2014, Pip Jamieson launched The Dots – an online professional network specifically aimed at designers (think LinkedIn for creatives). Since then the platform has gone from strength to strength, with leading companies including the BBC, TATE, Facebook, Wolff Olins and Pentagram using the site to promote their brand, attract clients and hire talent.
It hasn't been plain sailing though. At Reasons To Jamieson talked through her Dots journey, and Creative Bloq was in the audience. Here's what we learned about how to launch your own successful creative business:

01. Build diversity into your teams

The dots team includes individuals from a range of backgrounds
Before launching the Dots, Jamieson worked at MTV. She recalls how for any given role, the company would attract hundreds of interested creatives – so to avoid having to spend hours finding the best person for the job, they'd turn to their little black book of contacts. Hiring friends and existing contacts eventually led to the output becoming stale and samey. It's unavoidable: you need an injection of fresh ideas to keep things interesting.
When hiring for The Dots, Jamieson purposefully looked to employ a mix of people, a balance of genders, and people from different backgrounds, to build different perspectives into the product.

02. Go all-in...

Launching any business is going to be a rollercoaster
"You can't really execute a business idea unless you're all-in," says Jamieson. It's a risk, but if you really want to see the potential of your idea, at some point it has to stop being a side project. That means taking a leap of faith, giving up your main job and committing yourself fully.
And even then, it's going to be tough. "[Launching The Dots] has been the happiest I have ever been, and it's also been the most desperately sad I've been in my life," Jamieson says. But she's adamant that if you're not going through a rollercoaster of emotions, you're not pushing yourself enough. And it'll be worth it in the end.

03. ... but don't burn yourself out

At a certain point, working harder doesn't equate to increased productivity
"It's seen as such a badge of honour to work all the time when you're starting something new, but it's actually really stupid," emphasises Jamieson. While you need to dedicate yourself, there's a point where it's proven that productivity actually starts going down.
Plus, burn yourself out and you're looking at time off work, and that's not helpful for anyone. Jamieson suggests being wary if you're getting colds or feeling under the weather a lot: it's a sign you're pushing yourself too hard.
She also advocates trying to pin down what saps your energy at work, then (if possible) outsourcing it. For example, if money matters leave you drained, hire a good accountant, and put your energies into things that will keep you energised. Similarly, work out what gives you energy in your personal life – whether that's doing yoga or going out on the town – and make time for that.

04. Build relationships based on trust

BBH co-founder Sir John Hegarty has joined The Dots as chairman
At particular low point in the Dots journey, Jamieson and her then-business partner found themselves three weeks away from going out of business. In a meeting, they were offered investment from an individual the pair instinctively felt was wrong for the business. Rather than take up the offer, Jamieson remortgaged, and her partner borrowed money from his parents, to buy The Dots another month. She maintains it was the best decision they could have made.
"Going into investment is like going into marriage – you have to trust the people you're taking money off," she says.

05.Use OKRs rather than KPIs

OKRs ask teams to take control of how to reach their goals
OKRs – or Objectives and Key Results – were popularised by Google several years ago. Unlike KPIs, OKRs provide teams with purposefully ambitious goals and asks them to innovate and work out how to reach them for themselves. Jamieson swears by them, and credits this approach with contributing significantly to the happiness of her employees.

06. Find some novel self-promo

Pip Jamieson runs The Dots from her houseboat – a popular spot for client meetings
Getting people interested in your business can be an uphill struggle. Thankfully, Jamieson had an ace up her sleeve: her houseboat, Horace. While cold-emailing people to meet tended to yield poor results, invite them to a houseboat and suddenly there's more interest. "People would say yes just because they wanted to see the boat," she smiles.

07. Keep it positive

Building a business difficult enough – don't let negative people into the fold
One of The Dots' core values is positivity. Building up a new business is difficult enough, says Jamieson, and when things are tough, you need people who will focus on solutions rather than problems.
Maintaining a culture of positivity also means getting rid of people who are bringing negativity into the workspace. "You have enough to be getting on with to have have wingers on the team, or people who like to play politics," she warns.
To try and make sure everyone stays happy, The Dots employees periodically complete a survey asking them what they're happy with and what frustrates them about their work. This gives management a chance to adjust things and make improvements that suit the team.

Friday, September 2, 2016

MTN yawatema mastaa wa Nigeria kuwa mabalozi wa mtandao huo

Mtandao wa simu wa MTN umewamwaga wasanii wakubwa wa Nigeria akiwemo Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Davido kuwa mabalozi wa mtandao huo na kutangaza majina ya wasanii wengine watakaoshika nafasi hizo.
Kwa mujibu wa taarifa iliyotolewa na mtandao huo kwa vyombo vya habari imetangaza majina ya wasanii wapya ambao watakuwa mabalozi wa mtandao huo kwa mwaka 2016/17.
“Music ambassadors for 2016-2017 are: Praiz (Praise Adejo), Iyanya (Iyanya Mbuk), Chidinma(Chidinma Ekile), Falz (Folarin Falana), Tekno Miles (Augustine Kelechi), Skales (Raoul Njeng-Njeng), Saka, (Hafiz Oyetoro), Nedu (Steve Onu), Osuofia (NkemOwoh),” imesema taarifa hiyo.
Naye Mkurugenzi wa mtandao huo nchini humo, Amina Oyagbola amesema, “MTN remains proud to be associated with the growth and development of the careers of all our ambassadors, past and present.”
“We specially thank all our former ambassadors for their immense contributions to building our brand and also making us the network of choice in Nigeria,” ameongeza.
“We will definitely continue to maintain the strong and mutually beneficial relationship with them through the monetisation of their content on all our digital platforms – MTN Music+, CRBT and VAS.”


Founder/CEO was Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg anasafiri kimya kimya na sass yup Kenya kwa ajilI ya kujifunza kuhusu mobile money.
I dado kubwa sana ya watu Kenya wanatumia Internet kupitia simuzap na anampango wa kuwa-connect zaidi watu.
Mark Zuckerberg ::“Just landed in Nairobi! I’m here to meet withentrepreneurs and developers, and to learn about mobile money – where Kenya is the world leader,” 
 Mark Zuckerberg akila ugali na Samaki akiwa na serikali ya Kenya.

Mark Zuckerberg akitalii akiwa Kenya.

Kwa information zaidi soma Forbes Africa 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Stori:  Brighton Masalu
KITENDO cha kudaiwa kugoma kuhama nyumba anayoishi mtangazaji wa Independent Television (ITV) na Radio One, Ufoo Peter Saro iliyopo Mbezi, Dar kinadaiwa ndiyo chanzo cha kupigwa risasi na kujeruhiwa na mchumba’ake, Anther Mushi ambaye naye alijiua.
Ufoo Peter Saro akiwa katika Hospitali ya Taifa Muhimbili.
Akizungumza na Uwazi, juzi nyumbani kwao Kibamba Dar, mdogo wa Ufoo aitwaye Goodluck Saro alisema ugomvi anaoujua yeye ni kitendo cha dada yake huyo kukataa kuhamia kwenye nyumba ya Kimara, Dar ambayo Anther aliipanga.
Alisema hajui kwa undani ni kwa nini dada yake alikuwa akigoma kuhamia makazi hayo mapya lakini kitendo hicho kilikuwa kikimfanya shemeji yake kubadilika.
“Siku za hivi karibuni shemeji alibadilika hata tabia. Zamani alikuwa akija anatuchangamkia sana, siku za hivi karibuni alikuwa akija, baada ya salamu haongei,” alisema Goodluck.
Baadhi ya wananchi na wanahabari waliofika hospitalini kumjua hali ya Ufoo juzi.
Wakizungumza na gazeti hili juzi, saa chache baada ya tukio hilo, baadhi ya majirani wa nyumbani kwa akina Ufoo walisema walishtushwa na milio ya risasi kutoka kwenye nyumba ya mama Ufoo, Anastazia Peter Saro wakidhani amevamiwa na majambazi.
“Ilikuwa saa kumi na moja alfajiri, mimi nilikuwa nimeshtuka kutoka usingizini lakini sijatoka kitandani, nilisikia milio ya risasi, nilijua mama Ufoo amevamiwa na majambazi.
“Lakini nikiwa najipanga jinsi ya kutoka nikasikia sauti ya mama Ufoo akisema jamani nakufa huku Ufoo akipiga kelele za kuomba msaada, nikashangaa maana najua haishi hapo, kwenda nikamuona Ufoo yupo nje akikimbia hovyo na damu chapachapa maeneo ya kifuani na mgongoni.
“Nilimuuliza kuna nini, kabla hajanijibu nikamwona mwanaume wake anatoka nje akiwa peku. Akasimama na kupiga risasi nyingine hewani kisha akaingia ndani.
“Muda huohuo nikasikia mlio mwingine wa risasi, nikajua kuna mauaji makubwa sana,” alisema jirani huyo aliyeomba hifadhi ya jina lake.
Jirani mwingine alisema alishtushwa sana na milio ya risasi, akaminya ndani akijua ni majambazi mpaka baadaye aliposikia watu wakilia huku wakisema mama Ufoo ameuawa kwa risasi na mkwe wake.
Habari nyingine zinadai kuwa Anther kabla ya kujiua, alikaa kwenye kochi kwanza na kujiandaa ambapo alisema: “Nimezaliwa siku moja nitakufa siku moja.” Akajilipua!
Kwa mujibu wa Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Kinondoni, Camillus Wambura, marehemu Anther alikuwa akifanya kazi katika Shirika la Umoja wa Mataifa (UN) nchini Sudan.
Habari za ndani zinadai kuwa usiku wa kuamkia siku ya tukio, mwanaume huyo akiwa nyumbani kwa Ufoo, Mbezi, Dar  hawakulala kwa ugomvi ambapo marehemu alisikika akimshutumu mchumba wake huyo mambo ambayo hakuyaweka wazi.
Ikadaiwa kuwa ili kumaliza mgogoro, saa kumi na nusu alfajiri waliondoka kwenda Kibamba kwa mama wa Ufoo ili akasaidie kurejesha amani.
Katika kurudisha amani, mama Ufoo alikuwa mstari wa katikati, akiwa hapendelei lakini marehemu Anther alimshutumu mama mkwe wake huyo kwamba anampendelea mwanaye.
Ndipo alipotoa bastola na kuielekeza kwa mama Ufoo na kumpiga risasi ya kifuani. Mama huyo alianguka na kukata roho papo hapo.
Aliielekeza bastola kwa Ufoo na kumfyatulia risasi nne, mbili kifuani, moja begani na nyingine tumboni ambapo damu zilimtoka kwa wingi.
Ufoo alikimbizwa katika Hospitali Teule ya Tumbi (Kibaha) na baadaye kukimbizwa Muhimbili.


Stori:  Mwandishi Wetu
Bifu zito lipo hivi sasa kati ya Naibu Waziri wa Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo, Amos Makalla na Mbunge wa Korogwe Vijijini, Steven Ngonyani.
Gari la Amos Makalla aina ya BMW X5 ambalo linadaiwa kuchukuliwa na Profesa Maji Marefu.
Makalla anamtuhumu Ngonyani a.k.a Profesa Maji Marefu kuwa alichukua gari lake aina ya BMW X5 kisha akatokomea nalo kisha akawa anampigia simu hapokei na hata akimtumia SMS hajibu.
Kutokana na malalamiko hayo, hivi sasa Maji Marefu anasakwa na polisi wa Kituo cha Kati (Central), Dar es Salaam, tuhuma zikiwa ni wizi wa kuaminiwa, shauri lipo kwenye kitabu cha ripoti za polisi (Report Book ‘RB’) kwa namba CD/RB/13336/2013.
Naibu Waziri wa Habari, Vijana, Utamaduni na Michezo, Amos Makalla.
Nyeupe na nyeusi (black and white) ya tuhuma hizo, inawekwa wazi na ‘sosi’ wetu ambaye aliliibia siri gazeti hili kwamba sakata kati ya Maji Marefu na Makalla lilianza tangu Julai, mwaka huu wakati waheshimiwa hao walipokuwa ndani ya Jiji la Dar es Salaam.
“Maji Marefu aliomba gari la Makalla ili alitumie kwa mizunguko ya siku moja tu lakini hakurudisha,” kilisema chanzo chetu. “Mgogoro mkubwa ulianza kuibuka kuanzia hapo na mpaka leo waheshimiwa hao hawazungumzi kwa salamu wala kutakiana heri.”
Chanzo chetu kiliendelea kusema: “Siku ya kwanza tu ilipopita, Makalla alimpigia simu Maji Marefu akawa hapokei, akimtumia SMS hajibu. Kwa kifupi Makalla alipoteza mawasiliano na Maji Marefu lakini aliendelea kusubiri kwa sababu anajua ni mtu wake.”
Mbunge wa Korogwe Vijijini, Steven Ngonyani.
Habari zaidi zinasema kuwa kilipita kipindi cha zaidi ya mwezi mmoja bila ya Makalla kumpata Maji Marefu kwenye simu lakini walikutana katika Mkutano wa 12 wa Bunge la Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania ulioketi kati ya Agosti 27 hadi Septemba 13, mwaka huu, Dodoma.
“Walipokutana Makalla alimuuliza Maji Marefu gari lake lipo wapi? Maji Marefu alimjibu alilikabidhi Lamada Hotel, Dar es Salaam,” alisema mtoa habari wetu na kuongeza: “Unajua makabidhiano ya lile gari yalifanyika Lamada Hotel, kwamba angelirudisha baadaye lakini ikawa kimya.
“Hata hivyo, Makalla aliona siyo kesi kubwa, akafuatilia Lamada Hotel, menejimenti ya hoteli hiyo ilijibu kuwa gari hilo halijapelekwa pale. Vilevile baada ya kuzungumza siku hiyo, Maji Marefu alitoweka na bungeni hakuonekana tena.
“Baada ya kupata majibu hayo kutoka kwa Profesa Maji Marefu na Lamada, Makalla alifungua mashitaka Central, akidai kuibiwa gari lake na Maji Marefu.”
Makalla ambaye ni Mbunge wa Mvomero (CCM) alipozungumza na mwandishi wetu alikubali kila kitu kisha akafunguka: “Niliomba polisi wanisaidie maana kwa hali iliyokuwepo ni kama nilikuwa nimeshatapeliwa. Vilevile niliripoti kwa Kamanda Mohamed Mpinga (mkuu wa kikosi cha usalama  barabarani) ili naye awaambie vijana wake wanisaidie kunitafutia gari langu.
“Nilimpa alama zote, rangi na namba za usajili. Oktoba Mosi, mwaka huu, ikiwa ni karibu miezi mitatu imepita tangu nimpe gari, polisi Tanga waliliona gari langu likiwa linaendeshwa na mheshimiwa Ngonyani (Maji Marefu) kwenye msafara wa Makamu wa Rais, Dk. Mohamed Gharib Bilal.
“Nilimtumia SMS kumwambia kuwa gari langu ameonekana nalo katika msafara wa makamu wa rais. Polisi Tanga walitaka kumkamata lakini nikaomba aachwe kwanza, kukamatwa katika msafara wa makamu wa rais angeona amedhalilishwa.
“Nilimuomba baada ya msafara akalikabidhi gari kwa RPC Tanga kwa sababu linatafutwa na polisi. Akaniambia hawezi kulipeleka polisi kwa sababu tulikabidhiana vizuri. Nikamwambia sitaki kwa sababu alikuwa ananizungusha sana kunirudishia gari langu, mara aseme amelipeleka Lamada kumbe bado analo na wakati huohuo hapokei simu wala hajibu SMS zangu.”
MAKALLA: “Mhe. pamoja na kutopokea simu na kutojibu meseji zangu, nakujulisha leo Oktoba Mosi, umeonekana na gari langu kwenye msafara wa makamu wa rais. Polisi walitaka wakukamate nikashauri wasubiri umalize mkutano. Kwa meseji hii naomba kesho asubuhi ukakabidhi gari langu kwa RPC Tanga, bila kukosa. Utamkuta ndugu Rajabu alipokee gari hilo baada ya ukaguzi mbele ya RPC.”
MAJI MAREFU: “Sawa nimekuelewa, yote ni makosa yangu na hii ni mali yako ila gari hatukupeana polisi, ungeniambia ulipo nikuletee.”
MAKALLA: “Sitaki umenizungusha sana, nilikukabidhi kwa heshima lakini umegeuka adui, hupokei simu huu ni mwezi wa tatu.”
MAJI MAREFU: “Ok nitafanya hivyo.”
“Hakupeleka gari kwa RPC Tanga kama nilivyomtaka. Zilipita kama siku tatu, ndipo mtu mmoja akaenda kulitelekeza gari langu Lamada Hotel usiku. Walinzi walimuuliza yule mtu aliyetekeleza lile gari kwa nini anaacha gari na anakimbia? Hakujibu, akarukia kwenye pikipiki ambayo ilikuwa inalifuata lile gari kwa nyuma kisha akatoweka.
“Uongozi wa Lamada baada ya kuliona gari langu walinipigia simu, wakanijulisha nami nikapiga simu polisi, wakaenda kulichukua. Mpaka sasa gari lipo polisi central, wanasubiri kumkamata Mhe. Ngonyani ili kesi iendelee mbele.”
Gazeti hili baada ya kuzungumza na Makalla, lilikwenda kufanya upekuzi wake central na kubaini kwamba kesi hiyi ipo na madai yapo kama yalivyoelezwa.
Baada ya hapo, mwandishi wetu alimpigia simu Maji Marefu ambaye alipokea akiwa Nairobi, Kenya, na aliposomewa tuhuma dhidi yake, alijibu: “Subiri nirudi Dar, nitaeleza kila kitu.” Mahojiano yalikuwa kama ifuatavyo;
MWANDISHI: Kuna madai kwamba ulichukua gari la Mheshimiwa Makalla, umekaa nalo miezi mitatu, kipindi chote hicho simu ulikuwa hupokei wala hujibu SMS zake.
MAJI MAREFU: Siyo kweli.
MWANDISHI: Labda ukweli ni upi.
MAJI MAREFU: Labda kwa sababu sipo Dar, nisubiri nirudi tutakaa tuzungumze.
MWANDISHI: Ungeniambia kwa kifupi tu ni kwa nini Makalla akushitaki, maana hii kesi ipo polisi, RB ipo na unatafutwa kwa tuhuma za wizi wa kuaminiwa.
MAJI MAREFU: Polisi wananitafuta mimi?
MWANDISHI: Ndiyo wanakutafuta wewe.
MAJI MAREFU: Kwa vile nipo Nairobi na wewe upo Dar, naomba usubiri tukutane kwanza ndipo nitaweza kueleza ukweli halafu ndipo mtaamua kuendelea mbele.
MWANDISHI: Sawa mheshimiwa, swali lingine wewe una ugomvi na Mheshimiwa Makalla?
MAJI MAREFU: Aah, ndiyo nikasema tukikutana ndiyo italeta picha nzuri. Kama natafutwa au kuna tukio lolote nitaeleza.
MWANDISHI: Sawa mheshimiwa, basi nijibu swali hili, wewe una ugomvi na Makalla?
MAJI MAREFU: Sina ugomvi naye.
MWANDISHI: Sasa kwa nini akushtaki kwa wizi wa gari lake?
MAREFU: Naomba tukutane nikirudi nitaongea tu.
MWANDISHI: Inasemekana hilo gari uliwahi kumwambia Makalla kwamba uliliacha Lamada Hotel lakini baadaye ukaonekana nalo kwenye msafara wa makamu wa rais Tanga. Hili limekaaje?
MAJI MAREFU: Mimi nina magari zaidi ya 15, nitakupeleka uone kama mimi nina shida ya gari. Nyumbani kwangu kuna magari ya kila aina.
MWANDISHI: Ni kweli Makalla alikukabidhi gari?
MAJI MAREFU: Subiri nirudi Dar nitaongelea hilo.
MWANDISHI: Nijibu tu hilo moja tu, alikupa au hakukupa?
MAJI MAREFU: Kwani yeye anasema nilimnyang’anya au alinipa?
MWANDISHI: Anasema alikupa.
MAJI MAREFU: Sasa subiri nirudi nitaeleza ukweli wangu.
MWANDISHI: Kwani mheshimiwa inashindikana nini kunijibu swali hili moja tu? Alikupa au hakukupa?
MAJI MAREFU: Ukweli mtaupata nikisharudi Dar.
Kamanda wa Polisi Kanda Maalum ya Dar es Salaam, Kamishna Suleiman Kova, alipoulizwa kuhusu kesi hiyo, kwanza alisema hajapata taarifa yoyote kuhusu sakata hilo mpaka afuatilie.
Siku iliyofuata, Kova alipigiwa tena simu akaulizwa kuhusu sakata hilo, akajibu: “Kuna mtu wa Uwazi alinipigia simu jana kuhusu hii kesi, unajua mimi ni kamishna, hii kesi ni ndogo na siyo kila kesi lazima nijibu mimi.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


kumekuwa na wimbi kubwa la matapeli kwenye mitandao ya kijamii hususan FACEBOOK, TWITTER, BBM na mingine mingi. Jana katika pita pita zangu kwenye mtanfao wa Facebook nilipokea ujumbe ukionesha Jackline Wolper anaomba urafiki nami bila kusita nika confirm obi lake. Leo nilipoingia inbox yangu ya facebook nilikuta ujumbe huu.

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    Jackline Wolper

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    Jackline Wolper

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  • Pablo Junior Calter I
    Pablo Junior Calter I

    ohky haina tatizo sasa hizo pesa nitakupatiaje ama una tigopesa?
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    Jackline Wolper

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  • Pablo Junior Calter I
    Pablo Junior Calter I

    sawa wng so utanirudishia lini
  • Jackline Wolper
    Jackline Wolper

    Baadae nakutumia, kuna kazi nikiimaliza ndo ntatoka, naomba nitumie bas sasa ivi Pablo
  • Pablo Junior Calter I
    Pablo Junior Calter I

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    na hii ni picha ya chat tuliyofanya

    chat yangu na jackline wolper feki
    Facebook wapo watu wengi sana wenye hii tabia ambayo sio nzuri kwakweli wasanii wetu kila siku wana lalamika kuwa majina yao yanatumiwa vibaya jambo ambalo sio jema guys kwa wewe mwenye huu mchezo nakushauri uache maana iko siku utagundulika tu "ZA MWIZI NI AROBAINI".

    fungua hapa kuangalia hio account fake ya Jackline Wolper



Gladness Mallya na Hamida Hassan
NI ukatili uliopitiliza! Hausigeli aliyejulikana kwa jina moja la Ester (14) yupo matatani kwa madai ya kumuua mtoto Arafat Allan (3) kwa kumnyonga shingo na kumpiga na kitu kizito kichwani kisha kuutumbukiza mwili wake kwenye dimbwi la maji machafu, Risasi Jumamosi limekamata tukio zima.
Mtoto Arafat Allan enzi za uhai wake.
Tukio hilo lilijiri Jumapili iliyopita Mailimoja, Kibaha mkoani Pwani ambako marehemu alikuwa akiishi na wazazi wake.
Akizungumza kwa uchungu, mama mzazi wa mtoto huyo, Zakia Peter ambaye amelazwa katika Zahanati ya Kellen kutokana na mshtuko wa kifo cha mwanaye, alisema siku ya tukio, hausigeli huyo aliyekuwa na siku mbili tangu aanze kazi aling’ang’ania kutumwa sokoni saa mbili asubuhi ambapo alimkubalia na kumuagiza mboga.
Bila mwanamke huyo kujua, msichana huyo alimpitia Arafat kwa jirani alikokuwa akicheza na wenzake na kuondoka naye kwa madai anamsindikiza.
“Nilipoona muda unasonga mbele bila hausigeli kurudi na mtoto nilianza kuwatafuta,” alisema mama wa marehemu.
Akasema aliwatafuta kwa muda mrefu bila mafanikio mwishowe yeye na majirani zake wakaenda kutoa taarifa polisi na kufunguliwa jalada la kesi KB/RB/1154/2013 TAARIFA.
Mama wa marehemu aliendelea kusema kuwa zoezi la kumsaka msichana huyo na mtoto wake liliendelea mpaka Jumanne iliyopita ambapo habari zilisambaa kwamba kuna maiti ya mtoto wa kiume  imekutwa ikielea kwenye dimbwi la maji machafu linalotumika kumwagilia bustani za mboga maeneo hayo.
Baba wa marehemu akiwa hospitali.
“Niliondoka na ndugu wengine hadi kwenye dimbwi hilo! Nilipata mshtuko mkubwa kukuta maiti ya mtoto anayeelea ni ya mwanangu Arafat,” alisema huku machozi yakimtoka.
Baada ya hapo, mwili huo ulipelekwa katika Hospitali Teule ya Tumbi, Kibaha ambapo madaktari waliufanyia uchunguzi na kubaini kuwa marehemu alinyongwa shingo na kupigwa na kitu kizito kichwani hali iliyomsababishia mauti.
Mama wa marehemu akiwa hospitali baada ya kuzimia.
Baadhi ya watu waliozungumza na gazeti hili Jumatano iliyopita akiwemo mama wa marehemu, walisema kwa siku mbili hizo alizofanya kazi hausigeli huyo alionekana kuwa na mambo ya kishirikina kwani asubuhi ya siku ya tukio aliamka akiwa amenyolewa nywele upande mmoja.
“Siku hiyo ya Jumapili huyo mdada wa kazi aliamka akiwa amenyolewa nywele upande mmoja, alipoambiwa amalizie zote alikataa akisema atanyoa baada ya kutoka sokoni ambapo hakurudi tena,” alisema mama wa marehemu.
Jumatatu iliyopita, siku moja baada ya tukio, hausigeli huyo alikutwa akirandaranda stendi akiomba fedha za nauli ili arudi kwao Mbeya lakini alikamatwa na kufikishwa kwenye kituo kidogo cha polisi.
Habari zinasema hali kwenye kituo hicho ilikuwa mbaya kufuatia baadhi ya wakazi wa eneo hilo kujaribu kukivamia ili wamuue mtuhumiwa huyo. Ilibidi mtuhumiwa ahamishiwe Kituo cha Polisi cha Tumbi, Kibaha.
Kwa mujibu wa watu wa karibu wa familia hiyo, msichana huyo aliokotwa na ndugu wa baba wa marehemu baada ya kumkuta barabarani akiomba msaada akidai anateswa na ndugu zake, wakampeleka kwa baba wa marehemu ili wamsaidie ambapo walimpa shughuli ya kazi za ndani.
Baba wa marehemu, Allan hakuweza kuzungumza kutokana na kuwa kwenye hali mbaya katika Zahanati ya Kellen alikolazwa baada ya mwanaye kuzikwa katika Makaburi ya Mailimoja, Jumatano iliyopita.

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